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Guys, DMs are now open! Guys, it is now official, slide into her DM with grace and panache.

8 May 2017 Entertainment

Hello! Hello! Hello! Love is in the air. The great playboy Banky W is engaged to the beautiful actress Adesua Etomi.

It’s the love story of the year. The Casanova bad boy had to wait a year and a half in Adesua Etomi’s friend zone before he made it into her life. He started from the DM and last Saturday the Wellingtons and Etomis had an introduction.

The photos were all over social media, oh the colours, the fabrics, the smiles, and the poses. They would make any Yoruba mother swoon with pride and joy. The smell of love mixed with firewood produced Jollof rice was in the air.

The Banky W and Adesua photos, tagged as #BAAD for celebrity wedding branding purposes, were infectious. If you are not in love, these photos would make  you love hungry as they say on the streets.

The celebrity union has inspired a score of eligible women on Twitter and Instagram. Guys you can now slide into DMs, these ladies will answer you now.

Adesua has shown them the way. The days of fronting are over. This is the post no shakara era on social media. Shoot your shot guys. Shoot any shot you want- tap in, volley, banana, or last angle- these babes will answer. Any babe that still has ‘please no DMs’ on her bio is not a serious fellow.

Who no wan marry? Even the ‘men are scum’ gang are looking for someone to look at them the way Banky looks at Adesua. It is not easy to be forming ‘I don’t need anybody’. Last, last, body no be firewood.

Guys, however, please use sense. Yes, you can slide into DMs now but use proper English. Don’t type words like Muili the vulcanizer chatting with his babe Sefinatu. Be a gentleman and know how to compose your words. Don’t act or type like an illiterate.

who knows you might be lucky !!


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