Black Carpet Production produces several kinds of TV programmes,movie,audio content. We have produced series of programmes such as documentaries like ‘30 minutes’, reports on environmental issues, production of plays for TV, institutional videos and an extensive catalogue of programmes that represent 4 years of activity in the sector.

We have everything required for TV production:

Our team of collaborators, which includes writers, producers, scriptwriters, lighting technicians, etc, make it possible for us to take on different types of projects.

We have the resources needed to handle any kind of TV production; HD cameras, off-line editing equipment, post-production rooms, mobile production units, special teams, etc.
We work with an international mentality. We can find resources, state of the art technical equipment and professionals in many countries, and our staff are well used to working with multinational and multilingual teams.
We know the internet, we work with interactive TV. We like to be on the cutting edge of knowledge. And we like working with new ideas and new formats.

Our Black Carpet Production and Content Services help digital, brand and marketing teams deliver the differentiated customer experiences that can drive revenue growth by:

  • Shifting and automating time-consuming marketing execution activities, allowing marketers more time for strategizing.
  • Expediting content creation and production as well as localization by decoupling creative from production activities.
  • Simplifying the management and tracking of assets and campaigns across channels and enabling quick refinement.
  • Presenting an innovative yet sustainable marketing operating model, one that is agile enough to respond to opportunities but also cost effective.

Are you an actor, a presenter for a television station etc. and looking for a company to produce your content, you are at the right place.