Video is now the norm on the Internet. If you are not already using video in your online advertisement, then you are losing customers to your competitors. You need video ads to be able to reach the large segment of web users who surf the web to watch videos.


  • Users pay more attention to video than text
  • Video leaves a longer lasting impression
  • Video makes you look more professional
  • Video helps you reach new customers
  • Video ads allow you to target video networks

3-Step Process:

  1. Determine the customers you want to reach
  2. Get your video produced
  3. Find an advertising network suitable for you

Depending on your business and customers, a promotional or a viral video may be more suitable for your needs. Contact  Black Carpet Production (BCP) today to see what kind of video will work best for you.

The major benefit of having a video ad for your company is that it gives you access to customers who frequent major video networks such as MSNBC, CNN, YouTube, and others. The customer would be watching a video, and your own ad will come up right there, inside the vide player, exactly where he/she is focused. And video ads do work. They are much more effective than text or banner ads. Video ads have been playing very successfully on TV for decades. Why? Because they do influence people’s decision to buy.A commercial video is similar video is similar to what you see on TV, except you have to target a more “web-oriented” audience in your ad.

Your business now can have that same influence that major companies have enjoyed for years. TV advertising works very well, but it is very costly. Internet video ads, on the other hand, have at least the same benefit but are much cheaper to run. Furthermore, they are much more targeted because advertising networks allow you to select the type of customer you are interested in.

Producing a commercial video is a bit tricky. You need to research your customers, find out how to best influence them, come up with a great video concept, write a perfect script, find the right actors, and shoot the video. Traditional video studios charge companies N4,800,000.00 and more for an average 30 second video ad. However, with the advanced video production process we use at Black Carpet Production, we are able to do your research and produce the right video for a fraction of that cost. Furthermore, we are able to take your video and use it to market your products and services effectively. Video advertising is now as easy as a click of a button.