Black Carpet Productions is a media content company set up to transform your unique ideas into qualitative and reputable media content.

We offer production services in radio, television, internet, print and music media. We also provide marketing communication services. From the generation of story ideas, preproduction, physical production, post production and delivery of the finished media product to the targeted audience, we give you high values, stunning creativity and thrilling experiences which will be etched in the memories of your target audience.

We make use of skilled and dynamic production personnel with experience in various arms of the creative production and marketing communication process. Combined with the latest production technology, we aim not only to provide a visual and auditory feast for your senses but provide content that will enhance your reputation and financial bottomline.


We are known to be daring and open minded in our work. As a team of creative connoisseurs we have high production values that we aim at which ensures that we strive to be world class and benchmark ourselves with the best. But we do this with you at the center of the production process which ensures that we use our creative freedom to enhance your needs. We want to provide solutions to your creative needs that will position you among the top echelon in your industry. In order to do this we make use of our guiding principles which we call the 4Cs.

  1. CLARIFY – Clarifying our customer needs and expectations. We get to know what your indept needs and expectations are so that we can create the right content product that will address such needs.
  2. COMMUNICATE – Communicating in the spirit of discovery and learning. Our content products are aimed at communicating your values and mission statement to your targeted audience.
  3. CONNECT – Connecting with relationships that bridge people and technology. We want to create deep relationships with you that will result in win-win situations for everybody. By understanding ourselves we can anticipate and create content that will deliver results for you.
  4. CARE – We promise to value the customer’s story with heart and skill. Caring for you is at the heart of our production process. This drives our input into your story.


  1. CONTENT DEVELOPMENT – We provide and develop concepts for media content that will meet your unique needs and enhance your potentiality.
  2. VISUAL CONTENT PRODUCTION – BCP TV provides visual production services from scripting and content development, crew and cast provision, set designs, shooting, editing and promotion services. We can produce any type of visual content you require from TV commercials, branded videos, documentaries, reality shows, music videos, TV/web series, short skits and movies among others.
  3. MUSIC/AUDIO CONTENT PRODUCTION – BCP can provide you with audio content using our state of the art studio equipment. We produce radio jingles, audio productions, sound track production and musical content among others.
  4. EQUIPMENT RENTALS – We have state of the art production equipment for hire including cameras, lights, sound equipment and microphones, production aids etc
  5. STUDIO SERVICES – We have a well-equipped audio studio where you can come in and produce your audio/music production with a stand by sound engine as well as a visual studio where visual and photo shoots can be held with chroma key background and production equipment.
  6. EVENT COVERAGE – We also cover events and occasions saving them for posterity with our visual and photography teams who make use of the latest technology to extend the lifelines of your event and occasion with our video/audio production of them.
  7. BRAND ACTIVATION – We can provide publicity for your brand through our brand activation process. With our creative and targeted promotions aimed at your core target audience, exposing your brand through our brand activation services is a best bet.


  1. BCP RADIO – This is our internet radio station that has been streaming for more than two years with a lot of content delivered by top on air personalities.
  2. BCP TV – This is our visual media production unit where we produce visual content. We make TV commercials, TV series, Movies, documentaries and reality shows. We also provide cameras, editing services and other production services.
  3. BCP MUSIC – This is our music label which aims to unleash creative and evergreen music on to the scene.



At Black Carpet Production (BCP), we believe there are various ways to achieve your goals. We always strive with dedication to harness our creative abilities to the service of your wellbeing using extraordinary skills to enhance your business prospects as well as provide an outlet for talented creative people with excellence to make an exceptional mark on society through our works.


We will still be there when the future is today, providing you with world class media and lifestyle experience.